Installation and Warranty


                           Thank You for choosing to purchase a Quality Stair Tread. 




  Stair treads, whether pre finished or unfinished are made up of kiln dried hardwood lumber. Like flooring, these stair treads must be stored in a dry climate controlled space with similar climate as to where they will be installed. Stair treads MUST NOT be left in a garage or basement. Acclimation to the environment is recommended. The pre finished treads should be placed back in the original box with spacers and laid flat. Unfinished treads may be stacked on each other flat. DO NOT LEAVE STAIR TREADS STANDING UP OR LEANING AGAINST A WALL FOR ACCLIMATION. DO NOT STACK PRE FINISHED TREADS FACE TO FACE WITHOUT SPACERS.


 When you receive your order of Quality Stair Treads, please inspect each one for damage,  color and size.  Once your stair tread has been cut, modified or installed we will not accept a return or claim for  damage, color or size.


 When installing Pre Finished Quality Stair Treads, please do not tape directly onto the finish surface. If you need to tape down a protective layer during construction, please tape to the painted risers or side boards. Although our tests have shown most tapes do not damage our finishes, we cannot guarantee that the tape you choose will not.

  Stair treads wear differently than flooring. Because of this, Quality Stair Treads offers a finish guarantee of 24 months from the original purchase date. During normal use, Quality Stair Treads guarantees the finish will not fail during this time. Scratching, chipping cracking and water damage is not covered under this warranty.

  Quality Stair Treads defines normal wear as normal foot traffic. Scratches from pets and debris are not covered under warranty.




 Wood is a natural material. Our Pre Finished treads are made to coordinate with your flooring. Please allow for normal color and shade variation within both the flooring and treads. As with any hardwood,  the moisture content of your home should be controlled within 35-55% relative humidity. Wood reacts to extreme moisture and lack thereof. Quality Stair Treads cannot control the environment where our products are installed. We cannot guarantee against cracking, splitting or seam release due to dry conditions or cupping due to increased moisture content.


  Your new Pre Finished treads are finished using a high quality Whey based finish. This finish allows for minor touch ups to be done during your installation process. Touch up kits are available from your local Quality Stair Treads Dealer.